1. The group meets on Monday nights at 7:15PM and finishes at 9:15pm, if you would like to join the group, please contact Gerry (07799472968). If you can't attend on a particular night, please let group facilitator Gerry know (07799472968) or indeed any other group member. Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent / vibrate mode if you are waiting on an important call. Nobody should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when attending.

  2. Everything that is discussed in the group is to be treated as confidential, whilst at the same time accepting the legal and ethical constraints on confidentiality arising from those situations which place at risk the safety of group members or others. Group members will take responsibility for their own safety and ask the group for whatever support is needed to make sure this happens. In the event of needing to contact any authority, agency or person resulting from a situation arising, this responsibility will fall, in the first instance, to the group facilitator and, in his absence, another nominated group member. Please do not talk about individual group members outside of the weekly meeting unless they are actually present or have given their permission.

  3. When someone is speaking in the group, do not interrupt them, wait until they have finished: group members have the right to say whether they want feedback or not. If you do not agree with something someone has said, do not speak or respond to them in an attacking or offensive manner. Group members should all have equal time to be heard if they wish and no one group member should be allowed to dominate. The use of the "talking stick" will help this process. Group members attending commit, in so far as is personally possible, to take part fully in the life of the group and can call time out for themselves if need be.